Body Oriented Psychotherapy through Movement Arts & Korean Bodywork & Heart Talk

NASM Certified Personal Trainer | Registered Yoga Teacher | Body Centered Psychotherapist | Ceremonial Dancer | Movement Facilitator | Korean Origin Body Worker | Spirituality & Sexuality Counselor

Tess Yong is a body, mind and spirit practitioner and she knows the body as the medium for transformative alchemy and healing of the psyche.  Her movement explorations and studies include Korean/Hawaiian/Modern/Ecstatic/Five Rhythms Dance , Yoga, Nia, Pilates, Maritial Arts, Western Style Body Sculpting, Gymnastic, and Inner Energy Movement through Pranayama.  Tess is also certified in Korean Bodywork called, “Kyung Rak” which is highly regarded by medical professions in Korea. 
During an early phase of her career, Tess competed in 13 fitness competitions nationally and internationally, and earned many titles. Her success in fitness competitions led her into television and film work as a fitness expert in Hawaii and her native Korea. She also served as a preventive health counselor for the Hawaiian Medical Service Association.  In 2010, Tess relocated to Santa Fe, NM and has been creatively alive while attending South Western College as a part time student.  She will be graduating with a Master’s degree in Counseling Psychology.   From June 2015 to Feb 2017, Tess collaborated with Sunrise Springs Wellness Resort in Santa Fe, New Mexico.  She created a Movement Art and Functional Fitness department and taught  yoga, movement meditation, personal training, and also did one to one and group movement therapy.  Recently, Tess has opened her own private practice at “The Studio” in Santa Fe, NM.  

“Aloha~ I appreciate you for visiting my website.  I grew up in a rural/suburb part of South Korea for 18 years then immigrated to Hawaii where I resided for 23 years.  Primarily I moved to Santa Fe, NM for deepening my understanding of Art of integrated Healing and vibrant Living.  My approach to healing has been constantly evolving, growing, and deepening and they organically have been emerging  from my  authentic life journey of 45 years.  I understand suffering as a poignantly beautiful part of living this life.  I have gone through a long tunnel of my own unique suffering which has given birth to a quietly growing inner freedom and ecstasy of being myself.  In this modern life, people’s dis-eases get categorized, named, judged and medicalized.  Has anyone ever told you that you have a disorder of depression, anxiety, addiction, PTSD (from your traumas), mood disorder, and  bipolar?  These are simply suffering of fully living and being a real human being in this challenging modern time.  I didn’t need to be fixed but understood and held.  I trust that you will too rediscover your dormant treasures through walking softly into a tunnel of your sacred suffering.  And if you allow, it would be my honor and delight to gently accompany you toward a more fulfilled life. We are all Sacred.”  by Tess Yong (aka Hey Yong Kim)

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